In Network Marketing Should You Use Influence or Manipulation?

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Anyone who either owns a business or manages a business has to influence people. I would go even farther and say everyone is at some point trying to influence others in either their job or their personal life.

You need to have this skill in order to succeed. If you cannot influence people then you will not have any success in either your business, your carreer or your personal life.

Everyday you are influencing people to take action on things. Maybe it is getting your spouse to take you to your favorite restaurant or maybe it is trying to get your client to buy a new product from you.

In both of these instances you are trying to influence people to take action. You are connecting with the person in some way emotionally. In the case of your spouse they want to take you to your favorite restaurant to please you and make you happy. With your client you will have to convince them that the product you are trying to sell them is of value to them.

Influence is not like control and in your face manipulation. You do not want to come off as a salesman who just wants to make a sale. Have you ever felt like you were manipulated into buying something and afterward you regretted it? That was not influence it was manipulation.

Influence is showing people that they can trust you and that you have their interest in mind. You have to show the person that when they take a certain action, such as a purchase or making a decision to join your company, that it is their interest to make that decision. They have to feel like you are helping them to overcome some pain or problem that they have. The action they take has to solve a problem for them.

In order for them to feel like they can trust you then you have to connect with them on an emotional level. You need to show them and interact with them so they think of you as just like them. That you have something in common. They need to look at you as someone who understands where they are coming from and you understand their problem. You will need to listen to them closely to identify and understand them.

To really effectively influence someone you will have to build a relationship with them. It does not happen instantly or overnight. You will have to work hard and listen harder.

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Types of Automatic Spring Making Machines

Automatic Spring Making Machines are beneficial inventions of technology. These types of equipment are being used in factories for manufacturing springs of various kinds. It is extremely easy to operate these machines. Technical engineers need not spend much time learning how to operate this machine. These machines are also equipped with modern design and features that help get the work done easily and faster.

2 Types of automatic spring making machines:

There are numerous brands and companies known for the manufacture and export of automatic spring making machines.

There are two most common types of automatic spring making machines

Pottery Device
Computerized Former

Both the types mentioned above have their features and benefits. A common factor for both types is that these are effective and efficient.

Features of Pottery Device:

Nowadays, most of the technicians and engineers are using the computerized type of spring maker. The pottery device type is also easy to use if the person is comfortable with the computerized type. Some common features of pottery devices are listed below.

The pottery device has an easy installation procedure. It requires a simple programming technique.
This device is known to get the work done faster because of its functional slides and other parts.
It does not require frequent fitting and removal of tolls for manufacturing different products.
If specific tools are required for manufacturing specific products, tools can be connected easily with this device.
It eliminates any instability occurred when the machine is in a circular motion.

Features of Computerized Spring Former:

As the name suggests, this type is considered a little modern compared to the other type. It has almost similar features to the pottery device and is easy to operate. Some of the common features of computerized Spring former are listed below.

Twin Axle Rotary Quill and Bending are the two basic units available for making the spring. This machine is capable of incorporating these units either separately or together based on the requirements.
The wire diameter of the spring should be between 0.8 and 1.8 in diameter.
Different types of wires and springs can be manufactured without changing tools.
It also consists of a 360-degree rotary device for bending, coiling, and cutting during manufacturing. This helps to save time and get the work done faster.
This machine does not have a wire rotation disc as the rotary device is available to get the work done quickly.
A programming file should be set up before beginning the production. This file can be accessed with USB’s help if the same product needs to be manufactured once again. Reusability is always beneficial, and it helps to save time as well.

Different factories use different types of automatic spring making machines. It is important to choose the right type of machine to increase production. The right machine can be chosen based on the nature of the products to be manufactured, manpower available, cost, location, etc. It is important to analyze all these factors and then choose a machine for maximum benefit.

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